Raising Funds in a Decentralised World with Steve Ross-Talbot

From the history of seeking direct funding from investors through the 90s and 00s with funding changes post-blockchain and onwards into a decentralised world and startup creation boom. What can we learn from the history of startup fund raising? How can this be applied to finding financing for your startup now?

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The series will be exploring the people, process and technology challenges that startups face and how to overcome them. Inject speed and security into your product delivery, consolidate and drive efficiency at the same time as scaling and learn industry tips, tricks and knowledge that can be applied for your startup success.

Steve Ross-Talbot

Having started working with computers in 1974, Steve has co-founded excellence networks, lectured in computer science, co-authored service framework manifestos and is currently serving at CTO, Board Member and Visiting Professor. His specialties lie in standards from Web Services to rules to languages, architecting large scale distributed systems, thinking outside of the norm and raising VC money (currently over $20M since 2000).